My Camera

My Camera

I purchased my first DSLR about 4 years ago. I ddi loads of research on which camera to buy before I was finally ready to drop that kind of cash on a camera. When all was said an done, I ended up buying a refurbished Canon Rebel T3i from Adorama. I have been very satisfied with my purchase thus far. There are hundreds of options out there, so I’m going to tell you why I chose the specific camera I did.
The biggest pro of this specific model was that it was in my price range. There were (are) many other cameras I would have liked to have purchased, but they were all way out of my price range. When I was looking to purchase a camera, I met a man who told me to buy for where I am rather than to buy for where I wanted to be because my end goals might change along the way. I want to make it clear that I originally bought this camera for video rather than still photos.
I originally wanted the Canon 60D, but it was an extra $200 I wasn’t quite willing to spend. I was looking for a more ‘entry level’ camera. So I set out to look for a similar camera. I compared it to SO MANY cameras. I read review after review, comparison after comparison, until I finally settled on a very similar camera in my price range. Enter the Canon Rebel T3i. During the time I was looking at cameras, the Rebel T4i was out and the Rebel T5i was meant to be released soon. I knew the T5i was going to be too expensive, so I marked that one off. The things that seemed to shine in the Canon 60D were all more based around taking still photos. These features didn’t matter to me at the time because, again, I was planning to use it primarily for filming rather than taking stills. The Canon Rebel T4i and the Canon 60D both had ¬†similar advantages such as faster start up, a longer stills battery life, ¬†faster jpeg/raw shooting and bigger jpeg/raw buffer all didn’t matter to me. The Canon Rebel T4i had on-sensor phase detect and better autofocusing, but since I usually shot in manual focus, I wasn’t convinced these features were worth the extra $100. It seemed to me, if I purchased the Rebel T4i, I would be paying for a bunch of different features I wouldn’t be using. Although, in retrospect, all of those features would have been nice now, seeing as it’s come to be used primarily for still photos.
Either way, that is the basis of my decision to buy the Canon Rebel T3i. I am very happy with my camera. And maybe in another year or so, I’ll upgrade and get a better more expensive camera. But for now, I am more than content with the features of my current camera.


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