Kingman, AZ

Kingman, AZ

We arrived to Kingman at around 6am. Kingman is exactly what a small town looks like in my mind. Many “mom and pop” shops, beautifully old buildings, and loads of character. We first stopped at the visiting centre, but since they were closed we took some photos by the train tracks. Then we crossed the street to a little park with a train. I really liked the colours. The rich greens really brought out Sierra’s eyes and it was a much nicer landscape compared to Vegas.
The buildings were also super cute. Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always liked old, run down buildings. Places that you can tell have stood the test of time. So when we found an actual, old-school, still running printing press, I about died! By the time we found it, they were already out to lunch, but it was still super cool. There was also a house that reminded me a bit of a Hobbit house. Anyways, I would say our adventure was a success, overall. Here are some photos to commemorate the trip.

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: 18-55mm (Canon kit lens)
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom
Model: Sierra


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