Sawyer Hartman Preset Pack

Sawyer Hartman Preset Pack

For those of you who don’t know me, I have been a big fan of Sawyer Hartman for the past 4 years…at least. I used to watch a ton of his Youtube videos back in the day when I went through my Youtube phase. But I was always a big fan of his directing style and his “Thru My Eyes” series. So it was only a matter of time before I bought his Lightroom presets. Now, I want it noted that I am usually not a fan of presets, because I don’t feel like it takes a lot of skill to slap a filter on something and call it editing. But I love Sawyer, so I had to give his presets a try. Turns out, I actually thoroughly enjoy them. Below are some examples of his presets on my photos and my thoughts on each. He also has plenty of examples on his site and his Instagram dedicated to his preset pack, SawyersInstaFilters. I also want it noted that I am completely aware that certain presets will fit certain photos better than others, but I used a single photo just to show you the difference between each on a single shot. I also want to point out that these examples are just the preset. I didn’t go in an change anything after I added the preset, like I normally would.  I’ll post the original photo before any editing below, and then the same photo with each preset.


Above is the original, Raw photo. Absolutely no editing has been done to her yet.

Hollywood Cinema Color

This is one of my favourites. Right from the start. I think it makes everything look a little vintage, but in the best way. Her skin looks great, the colour of the wall is less saturated, but I still like the more pastel look, and it somehow manages to wash out the colour of the wall, but not her. At least, not noticeably. Big fan of this one, I am. Turned into Yoda, I have. Okay, I’m done.

City Lights +

I love this one. It may have something to do with the hints of blue in it, but who’s to say? Lol. As the name implies, it does do a much better job on photos with city lights, but I even like what it did to this photo. Although clearly not a realistic colour scheme on this particular photo, I am still a fan. I think it makes her skin look good…even if it does wash out the paint on the walls.

Fashion Week Black & White

I love this. I am usually not a huge fan of black and white photos. I am definitely not a fan of making them. It’s hard for me to find a good balance with these. Either my blacks are too black or my whites are too white. And then there’s all the shadows I have to worry about. Can you tell I didn’t go to school for photography? Haha. I do love the way this preset makes my colored photos look good in black and white. Some photos even look better that way.

Ultimate Street Photography

Clearly, this does not really work out for this photo. In a lot of photos, I do genuinely like this preset. In this one, not so much. It does tend to lean more warm colors than cool colors, which personally I am not as big a fan of. But I like the effect it has sometimes. I wouldn’t say I use this one as much as ‘HDR Portrait’ or ‘Vibrant Travel’, but it has come in handy on a few occasions.

Skin Smooth and Beauty Glow

This one works much better on a portrait. Which would make sense because skin smooth right now is just making the wall smooth, but whatever. The only real complaint I have with this one is that the top left corner always becomes bright white. In some photos, that isn’t an issue at all. But in some photos, it looks weird that there is just a white corner in the middle of a blue sky. I did notice that on his website of example for this one, he uses photos that have a more white light top portion anyways, but it would be nice if I didn’t have to worry about that bit.

Vibrant Travel

This one is a lot like color boost. It kind of just saturates the color a little more. Everything looks more…well…vibrant. As the name implies. I find myself using this one a lot. When you use it on a more scenic photo, not to say Micaela isn’t a beaut, I’d say it works a little better. More landscape-y.

35mm Film Look

I like this one a lot. This one, to me, just slightly washes everything out. It makes it look a little more older, or something. Like vintage, maybe? I don’t know how to explain my thoughts, but I do enjoy this one. The color is more muted and it looks like the photo may have been laid in the sun for a little too long, but that’s precisely why I like it.

Color Boost

This one is a lot like vibrant travel, but I tend to lean more towards the travel one. Just because this one brings out more orange and yellows, and I’ve always gone more blues and greens. But there are some photos where this one trumps the vibrant travel one. And you can always do some tweaking so that you don’t make your subject as orange as I’ve made Micaela. Seeing as I don’t think this one was intended for a photo that was so orange based. It would make sense that the light reflecting off the orange wall would make poor Micaela’s face orange. Oh well, I’ll still be her friend even she were an umpa lumpa. Haha

HDR Portrait

This one is probably my favourite, just because it tends to make every photo look good. While some of the presets were clearly meant for a particular type of photo, this one tends to work on any type of photo. Sometimes if it’s a closer face photo, I have to smooth it out a bit, but for the most part, it makes my photos look amazing.

The Sawyer Hartman Preset Pack is a total of $40, and I think it is worth every penny. It is clear that he took time to develop a good variety of quality presets. Highly Recommend.

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