Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas

Lake Las Vegas has always been one of my favourite places. I came here first when I was around 11. Walking around down here, it doesn’t even feel like you’re in Vegas anymore. I typically come here at night. I like that it’s empty and I can lay in the grass and look up at the sky and actually see stars. You don’t get that in the city.
Today, however, we came during the day. I like the architecture here, the layout, and the vibe. We spent the day walking around and taking photos. It was a good day.

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: 18-55mm (Canon kit lens)
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom

The above photo is by far my favourite photo from this shoot. I love the way the vines are crawling up the building; making it look like this particular building doesn’t even belong here.I have always loved taking photos of foliage in general, but this particular building just looked perfect. After taking and editing this one (minimal editing, in fact), I had posted it on my personal Instagram account (MerelyMira), and I got a comment from HiltonHonors asking me if they could feature my photo on their page. To be honest, I have never been happier or more proud of a photo I’ve taken. They haven’t yet posted it, but I am more than happy with them even having asked if they could.

These next three photos I edited using the same colour scheme. I really liked the way this editing style gave the place a more vintage look. I usually go with a more blue toned theme, but I was really liking this more peachy look this time. I love this place, and I am a massive fan of the buildings here.


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