We Did a Photo Shoot in an Alley

We Did a Photo Shoot in an Alley

For this shoot, Sierra and I just went out and shot some photos of her draped in fairy lights. The location was a pretty sketchy alley behind her house, and this shoot just shows how it literally doesn’t matter if you’re in the most beautiful place or some random alley; you will always have the ability to take lovely photos if you can take the time to learn the craft of editing. Even if we were just in an alley, these photos turned out really nice, and I like them a lot. Next time, I will have her wear something that doesn’t as match the color of the sky as closely, since that did prove difficult in editing. Another note for the future, is less dark makeup. Her having long, black bangs that cast shadows AND dark eye makeup, made lightening her face up pretty difficult without it looking out of place or losing quality. Oh well, lessons learned. Next time it’ll be even better. Below is a compilation of my best shots, as per usual.

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: 18-55mm (Canon kit lens)
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom
Model: Sierra


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