Fremont Street Lights

Fremont Street Lights

Living in Vegas, I have become accustomed to certain things that draw tourists to our city. The big, bright, neon lights have never been particularly enticing to me. I was never interested in the party scene, and to be honest, 2 weekends in a row was more than enough for me to decide against the whole ‘bar crawl/club hopping’ way of life. But I thought the neon lights of downtown would look pretty stellar in photos, so I decided to venture to Fremont Street. Less than 5 miles away from Vegas’s number one attraction, Fremont Street is always less crowded and much more laid back in terms of dress code. Eventually I’ll have to give in and go do a photo shoot on the most famous part of Las Vegas Boulevard…better known as “The Strip”…but for now, I think I can get away with just having Fremont Street Experience in my portfolio. Which I guess you could say this blog is a type of portfolio for me. Anyways, here are some photos I managed to capture downtown. Let me know which ones you like. And let me know if there are any cliche photo spots in your town that make you want to cringe.

Camera: Canon Rebel T3i
Lens: 18-55mm (Canon kit lens)
Editing Software: Adobe Lightroom


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